Herd Sires

Our herd sires are selected for strength and masculinity and selected from superior cows that can produce in environments around the country.

Our Herd Sires

Our Herd Sires are selected for their strength and masculinity, exhibiting the form to produce feminine daughters that carry the form to thrive on grass and be productive. Our Herd Sires are selected from superior cows that have produced in multiple environments around the country.

We have selected bulls from strong and dominant Scottish blood well known for their proven ability. We want our bulls to offer problem-free calving-ease without sacrificing pounds on mother’s milk and grass.

Senior Herd Sires

SVR Prince Copeland 8201F
SVR Prince Copeland
Prince of Malpas
Prince of Malpas

SVR Prince Copeland 8201F

We selected him as the top-selling $10,000 bull in the Spring Valley Angus Sale in NE in 2020.

He injects old traditional Angus blood as Arthur Houghton (Wye) imported his Sire in the late 50’s. ”Prince of Malpas” left an important mark on the Wye herd and can be found in any of the most highly acclaimed individuals still today.

These cattle are low-birth, moderate framed, easy fleshing and thrive on grass.

Medwin of Wye UMF 10584
Medwin of Wye
george of Swiftbrook
George of Swiftbrook

Medwin of Wye UMF 10584

We selected Medwin as one of the elite picks from the 2015 Wye Angus Sale. He blends the old and new Wye blood and has become a superior sire of traditional Angus blood that thrives in a low-input grass environment.

He is a low-birthweight bull with a 76# BW and weaned off with an impressive 518#. His daughter’s make exceptional cows and we like how they make functional hard-working mamas.

He has left a legacy of superior progeny working in herds throughout the country.

A Flora of Tudor Oak D7
A Flora of Tudor Oak

A Flora of Tudor Oak D7

He is Sired by the $28,000 Alap of Wye and blends a pedigree rich in Wye royalty. He is a direct son of our “Flora” Contact of Wye daughter who has posted a progeny WR of 6@102. His 3rd Dam is a highly regarded Banjo daughter produced at Throne Stock Farm.

His progeny have excelled with an average Weaning and Yearling Ratio of 102. He individually weaned at 695# with a 110 ratio.

Top performance backed by maternal power best describe this bull.

Fabron 3124
Fabron of Wye
Brubaker Family Angus - Angus Females
Queen Mother of Wye UMF 9141
Dam of SVR Fabron and SVR Federal

SVR Fabron 3124

We will mate this bull to the daughters of “Federal King” and double-up on the influence of the “9141” Bonanza” daughter. We think she will be an important part of our program and appreciate these sons of her by the old proven bulls. His progeny excels in phenotype with depth, rib shape and great feet. We will use him more. He was selected as the top-selling-bull of his contemporary group at $12,000.
SVR Federal King 5149
Federal of Wye

SVR Federal King 5149

He was selected as a blend of the proven and highly acclaimed “Federal” out of the great “9141’ Bonanza “ daughter. This is a unique and proven blood on both sides.

We plan to add his Dam’s impact to our program through her sons. First progeny look great so we have high hopes for this young sire. “Federal” and “Bonanza” are two of the great bulls of Scottish genetics.

A.I. Herd Sires

Alap Of Wye , Clarkson Of Wye, Father Of Wye, Cedric of Wye and other Wye bred Bulls proven by their progeny over time.

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