Heifers For Sale

We typically market heifers, bulls, semen & embryos private treaty or through regional sales.

Females For Sale

Each year we offer a select group of heifers to keep our numbers in check, while providing a quality female that other breeders can appreciate.

From the 2022 Crop. These Heifers are from the heart of our program. They are products of several of the royal Wye Angus gene pools and cow families that we have assembled in our herd.They will make wonderful additions to your existing herd or make a great nucleus for a new program. Their Dams are highly valued in our herd. They are built on an emphasis of maternal ability in a low-input grass-based paradigm. Fertility, sound structure, milk, cow intelligence and fleshing-ability as they all rank among the elite 1% of the breed for $EN.

Below you can find some of our heifers we currently have for sale. You can click on the link to be taken to the Angus.com website where you can view their genetics. If you have any questions jot down the registration number you have a question about and give us a call!

Brubaker Family Angus Farm - Asheboro, North Carolina
Brubaker Family Angus Farm - Asheboro, North Carolina

Lottie of BFA 22K6

She blends Prince x Federal x Cedric. Her Dam and MGD are highly valued with a progeny WR of 5@99. Her BW 61# with an individual WR of 579# to ratio 107.

Blackbird of BFA 22K9

From the Blackbird family she is a product of Prince x Medwin x Lodge. 60# BW and weaned at 535 to ratio 99 on a 2-year-old.

Clova of BFA 22K14

From the Clova cow family. Prince x Clarkson x Alap give this heifer a royal lineage. Her Dam is a solid worker on grassand posts a progeny WR of 99. Her long-lived Grand Dam records 8 weaned at 98. This Heifer records 62# BW and 505# WW.

Clova of BFA 22K18

This Clova is another Prince x Federal x Cedric combination that works well in our low-input management system. She traces to the highly regarded Clova 9144. Her Dam both have a progeny WR of 100 from the center of the program. She had a BW of 61# and a 551# WW to ratio 101.

Queen Mother of BFA 22K21

From our highly productive Queen Mother line, she blends Prince x Clarkson x Bangle. Her Dam posts a progeny WR of 3@101, while both her second and 3rd Dams were produced in the Wye Angus herd in Maryland. She recorded a 61# BW and 502# WW.

PS Blackcap of BFA 22K23

This is an outcross heifer. She is a daughter of our Alap herd Sire and out of a Penn State female that has been a good one for us. Her Dam posts a progeny WR of 5@101. She smashed the scales at weaning to an impressive 653#

PS Playmate of BFA 22K24

She hails from the famous Penn State Playmate cow family that produced PS Powerplay plus numerous Champions around the country. She posted a 61# BW and weaned at an impressive 625#.

Clova of BFA 22K29

Here is another Clova that blends Prince x Medwin x federal. She is a top-performing heifer that weaned at 565# without creep- just mother’s milk and grass. She traces to 0904 who has provided a strong legacy of elite producers. BW 64#, WWR 104.

Miss Wix 805 of BFA 22K30

She is Alap x Medwin x Octoraro Miss Wix 805 who was selected at Sam Wylie’s Sale as the top-selling female. Her Copeland Dam is a good one with a progeny WR of 4@106. She had a 62# BW and WW of 569#.

Blackbird of BFA 22K36

This Blackbird combines Prince x Clarkson x Lodge. This heifer is hard to sell with her pedigree. You can scour the country before you’ll find another like her. 61# BW and weaned at over 500# on mama’s milk and grass.
These heifers are priced individually and in groups.

Visitors Welcome

We welcome your visit to see first-hand the program we have developed. We enjoy showing-off and to learn more about your program as well.