EPDs and more

Our Take On EPD’s

You may have noticed our cattle do not rank high in the breed for EPD value. The reasons for that are simple.
  • We concentrate on gene pools that originated over 40 years ago. Their EPD’s can’t catch-up with today’s mainstream high growth high input genetics.
  • Our gene pool foundation genetics are a small population as compared to the entire breed. Again, our EPD’s can’t catch up.
  • We don’t feed to create EPDs that are false. We run a real program.

Our priority is cattle that perform in the real world for our customers and us.

We believe it is more important to concentrate on real production value. These numbers have more to do with success. Our average cow weighs 1150# and we are weaning calves at 500# and above. That is REAL value. Breeding for maximums isn’t always profitable – it requires more input to maintain. More input = more $ those cuts into your profitability.

We operate in a low-input system. To increase our EPDs we would have to feed more to maximize. Most of our customers would not benefit, as they are not feeders, they are grazers.

Longevity is important to us, as we have many cows over the age of 8.

We value those extra 2-3 calves. If she breeds back and raises quality calf. She stays.

Look through our website. See the type and kind of cattle we produce. If our values line up with yours please come visit. We want more partners in this business.

Vistors Welcome

We welcome your visit to see first-hand the program we have developed. We enjoy showing-off and to learn more about your program as well.