Bulls For Sale

We typically market bulls private treaty or through regional sales.

Bulls For Sale

An ideal bull, like an ideal female, must have a firm footing with a straight top-line. Both bulls and females must have a good form to perform well on the farm. In addition to good form an ideal bull to us means also ranking highly in the milk and longevity categories meaning he will pass down good genetics to produce perfect offspring. 

Herd Sire Prospects For Sale

Each year we take the very best prospects and Offer them to others. Our criteria is a bull that will provide problem-free production with calving-ease, correct structure, docility, along with optimum performance and a superior Dam that excels in a low-input grass paradigm. They hold their flesh as they all rank in the elite 1% of the breed on $EN.

Prince of BFA 22K3

He blends Prince x Medwin x 234. Exceptional lineage of maternal power built into this bull. Keep all his daughters as they will make great cows. Problem-free production with a 61# BW and nearly 600# at weaning on mother’s milk and grass. Many productive cows behind him.

Prince of BFA 22K4

Prince x Medwin x Lodge combination. He excels in all traits that will keep you in business on grass. He is low-birth with an actual 62# BW and multiple generations of calving-ease. He weaned at 581# which is optimum in a grass system.

Prince of BFA 22K5

We like this Bull that blends Prince x Favour x Bing in a heavy muscled package. Born at 62# and weaned at 570#. His incredible Favour Dam has been a good one with 6 weaned to ratio 98.

Prince of BFA 22K10

This bull should be on your short list. He blends Prince x Contact x Banjo. He weaned at over 600# with a 68# BW. His productive Dam records a progeny WR of 6@102. He combines pedigree, performance and maternal in an impressive package in a low-input paradigm.

Prince of BFA 22K11

He hails from the Blackbird family with a 2nd and 3rd Dam produced at Wye Angus. Prince x Lodge x Addison have combined to give him the credentials to be an elite Herd Sire. BW 64# WW 541#

Prince of BFA 22K12

This bull will give you more pounds on grass. Prince x Alap x Favour give him a royal pedigree with year’s of proven production and performance. He weaned at 583# and started with a 72# BW. His Dam has been a good one weaning 6 head at 98 WWR.

Prince of BFA 22K13

Explosive pounds with calving-ease in this combination of Prince x Alap. His linebred Dam is a product of mating two son’s of Oliver’s highly regarded Alap daughter “41”. His Dam records 5 weaned with a 102 WWR. Individually he weaned at 618# to ratio 106 and started at birth at 70#.

Prince of BFA 22K15

Here is a bull we like quite a bit for his pedigree, performance and maternal power. He blends Prince x Clarkson x Cedric in a calving-ease package of 63# at birth then smashed the scales at weaning at 637# to ratio 109. His Dam posts a progeny WR of 2@107 and his Grand Dam posts 8@105.

Prince of BFA 22K19

From the Clova line this Prince x Federal x Alap has been a solid performer from a solid line of hard-working cows. His BW was 64# and he weaned off impressively at 569#. His Dam posts a progeny WWR of 6@100.

Prince of BFA 22K20

Prince x Alap x Carpus that is one of the youngest calves.

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