About Us

Our History

The Brubaker Family has a long history with cattle starting with Harold Brubaker. Harold was raised on a dairy farm and has raised cattle ever since. Jonathan is Harold’s son and has been around cattle his entire 40 plus years life. Jonathan and Harold operate a real estate appraisal business in Asheboro, NC in addition to the Brubaker Family Angus farm which started in 2001.

We are a family farm

Some other Brubaker that love lending a hand on the farm are Megan, Grant, Finley, and Garrett Brubaker.

Before 2010

Genesis for Brubaker Family Angus looks a lot different than what it looks like today. Prior to the introduction of Wye Angus to the farm in 2010 the farm started as with a commercial herd. After a while the farm transitioned to start selling registered Angus stock which was more profitable for the farm.

In 2010, the farm introduced the first Wye Angus cattle

In 2010 the farm introduced the first Wye Angus cattle and their performance really amazed us. The idea of Wye Angus cattle is to restore the efficiency Angus cattle naturally have for gains on grass through proper breeding. Since their introduction to the herd in 2010 the focus has been on creating valuable registered stock with those wonderful wye genetics that help producers become more profitable.

Vistors Welcome

We welcome your visit to see first-hand the program we have developed. We enjoy showing-off and to learn more about your program as well.