Brubaker Family


The Brubaker Family have been in the cattle business since the 1955. We know that good animals start with good genetics. Our Wye Angus cattle have genetics that will increase your herd’s ability to transform grass into beef.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best genetics out there for a grass-reliant operation. Our farm boasts 10 of the Female Wye Angus bloodlines including Florelle, Lullaby Lottie, Pride of Aberdeen, Queen Mother, Alexina, Ballindallach Blackbird, 2nd Br. Blackbird, Clova, Miss Copeland and Flora. These animal’s bloodlines were created by one very intensive breeding program starting in the late 1930’s. The breeding program’s founders believed the Angus of their day was not ideal for the common producer, but rather bred to reflect the show ring qualities desired at the time. What they created is around today as Wye Angus cattle and are a “return to the roots” kind of cattle. They are incredibly efficient on grass operations and ideal for any producer who wants to increase their profitability through superior genetics. Our believe if that form is transmitted through function – good looking animals means good productivity.

The genetics housed at Brubaker Family Angus allow you as a producer to increase your profitability by improving your cattle’s gains on grass. 

Data and Measurements

We believe in data. The best way to measure is to measure. We take birth weight, weaning weight, cow efficiency and performance records on bulls. This helps us and our customers evaluate superior stock.


Females should be feminine with an ideal phenotype. We believe form transmits function and females should have the traits that help them rear young. 

Herd Sires

Bulls should be masculine, yet docile, so that they are easy to manage and pass on their genetics to their offspring. 

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Visitors Welcome

We welcome your visit to see first-hand the program we have developed. We enjoy showing-off and to learn more about your program as well.